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CollabBoards are designed to make collaborative work and organising simple, so you never miss a deadline, budget or appointment again. Get your team engaged with goals and targets by having them on display every day!

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The CollabBoard proves that sometimes it's best to go back to basics. Staying on top of your goals can sometimes seem like a fruitless task, but our CollabBoard has totally transformed the way we do this for the better. Having a tangible platform to write down, discuss and refine our short term and long term goals has been the easiest way to keep our business accountable for the things we want to achieve - and see results

Owen McLeod - 99 Bikes

In a world of hand held devices it’s nice to go big on occasion. Despite using one of the most sophisticated sales systems in the world we have enjoyed integrating the ‘Performance Board’ for a quick snap shot of what our year looks like and then breaking it down to our quarterly expectations with a few quick notes put up every morning for our daily goals. The ‘Performance Board’ won’t fit in your pocket however it will give you a classic view of both your long and short term goals.

Steve Pettit - Australian Institute of Fitness

Our CollabBoard has been a great solution to our organisational challenges. It not only helped us start planning our goals - but also helped them become a reality. Our CollabBoard gets everyone in the local team on the same page. The CollabBoard connects the dots between goal planning and goal attainment in a very simple manner.

Bill Dwyer, Indigo Agriculture


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