Designed by us, made for your business.

Invest In Success.

Do you dream of a more connected, simpler way for you and your team to achieve your goals collaboratively? That journey begins with CollabBoards. Designed to make collaborative work and organising more simple, you and your team will be more engaged with your goals and targets than ever before. 

Undated and designed for you to use year after year, the CollabBoard is a one time expense. Invest in the success of your business, and discover exactly how visual planning and clear tracking can drive your future. 

Just like you and your business, every CollabBoard is unique. We cover all bases - from event planning, to real estate, to retail, we understand that your CollabBoard needs to reflect exactly how your business operates. With features curated by you, we'll design your CollabBoard according to the brand colours and logo that are the perfect fit for your work space. 

We know everyone operates differently, which is why we're so passionate about working with you to deliver a tailored product that's ideal for your business. Whether that be more white board space or the physical size of the board, our focus is always on providing whatever you and your business need to succeed. If you're still discovering what that is - then leave the decisions in our capable hands and let your CollabBoard help you get there. Our original design is a standard size at 1.1m x 1.1m and has been specially designed to adapt to your business. We work with a Graphic Designer to produce all our CollabBoards, so you can stress less knowing the final touches will be perfected before being delivered to you. 

We're available in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, and If you're a large business, there's no need to worry about placing bulk orders - we'll even help you out by providing a discount! 

Reap The Benefits:

  • Simple installation 
  • Designed by you, tailored completely to your business
  • Customised with your company’s logo and business colors
  • Keeps you and your team on track by having your goals, budget and targets on display every day
  • Visual aid for meetings and goal tracking
  • Never miss another important date, deadline or meeting by keeping them on display for you and your team
  • Encourages collaborative work by making it simple and easy
  • One time expense/investment - undated and designed to be used year after year
  • Made with premium materials
  • Tax deductible


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